Supported Apps

Here's the list of the known supported applications list

OBS StudioYes
Streamlabs OBSYes
ZoomVersion 5.1.1 and higher is supported
DiscordYes, but patching is needed
Cisco WebexIn chrome web browser only
QuickTimeYes on Catalina and below, not on Big Sur

If you do not see the app you want to use Telecast with in the list don't worry. The list isn't exhaustive and you can download Telecast for free to try it out before purchasing. Go to the installation instructions to get started.

Why doesn't Telecast work in some mac apps?

Over time Apple have slowly been restricting what can be run on your computer, for one good reason. Security.

Unfortunately the method (APIs) that Apple provide are very old and have not yet been updated with the new restrictions in mind. We hope that come Apple's next Developer Conference (WWDC in 2021) they'll have more to say on this.

This is why Telecast (and other third party virtual camera plugins) unfortunately don't work in system apps such as Facetime, Photobooth and Safari.

Other resources

There is a fantastic compatibility document created by the OBS-Mac-Virtualcam project on github that goes into more technical details (and solutions) for third party webcam support on mac. We urge you to contribute to this wiki to keep it up to date for all of the community.